Kasta Tomb in Amphipolis to be visitable in three years

Amphipolis Kasta Tomb

Talking to reporters during the presentation of a new temporary exhibition on Emperor Hadrian at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Culture and Sports Minister Lydia Koniordou on Wednesday noted that the Kasta Tomb in Amphipolis will probably open to visitors in three years time.

“We are pressing on, with the Central Macedonia Regional authority and the cross-border programme Interreg,” she said, noting that 1.5 million euros will be given by the regional authority and 1.3 million euros by Interreg.

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A second monument, has been found in Amphipolis

lion of amphipolis

A second monument, far less than what has already been found in Hill "Kasta" Amphipolis there must west at a depth of about two meters as a result of the geophysical survey carried out by the Applied Geophysics Laboratory of "Aristotelion" University of Thessaloniki.

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Study On Residue Burial Monument Skeletal

geological map small

As has been mentioned in the press release of 19 December 2014, the completion of the study of makroskopikis bone material from the Tomb on the Hill Kasta, which has undertaken multi-disciplinary group of universities, Aristotle and Democritus, would be completed during January 2015.

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euronews.com : Two Caryatids unearthed by archaeloogists in ancient Aphipolis

Two caryatids (sculpted female figures) of exceptional artistic value were unearthed on Saturday during excavations by archaeologists in Ancient Amphipolis Kasta tomb, 

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The new Amfipolis game

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Amphipolis was plundered, says excavation leader

amphipolis excavationsThe archaeologist leading the dig at the ancient tomb in Amphipolis, northern Greece, said on Saturday that the site had once been open to the public but was later sealed, although this did not protect it from raiders who stole many items.



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