4 Hours Thessaloniki Highlights Tour

Four hours private tour in Thessaloniki

Join a 4 hour tour in most important sites in Thessaloniki!

Starting from the White Tower, the popular landmark of Thessaloniki. Heading to Ano Poli we'll have the chance to get photoshooting from Roman Arch of the Emperor Galerius and Rotonda! From 240 €

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Apostle Paul’s footsteps Biblical Tour in Thessaloniki

Biblical tours in Thessaloniki

Visit the most important biblical sites in Thessaloniki city.

St. Paul came to Thessalonica from Philippi (probably in 50 CE). He went to the synagogue for three Sabbath days (Acts 17:1-9). In Thessalonica, some proselyte Greeks and the chief women believed St. Paul's preaching. The Jews who did not believe caused uproar in the city and assaulted the house of Jason in order to bring out St. Paul and Silas. From 240 €

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4 hour tour in most important Jewish sites in Thessaloniki!

Thessaloniki jewish tour

Join an 4 hour tour in most important Jewish sites in Thessaloniki!

First stop of our tour, the beautiful Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki. We then walk towards the Freedom Plaza to visit the Holocaust Memorial and one of the city’s two historic synagogues, Monastiriotes' Synagogue or "Yad Lezikaron" Synagogue (Depends from the community, upon request). From 240 €

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Thessaloniki Walking Tour with Jack

Walking tour with Jack in Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki tours: One city, many faces, countless stories.
Following the tracks left by all those who lived in Thessaloniki just before us and long before us we are attempting to narrate the fascinating story of the city that we inherited.
Our itinerary stars from the Hellenistic period, just to pass through the Roman one and reach the 19th century multicultural Thessaloniki as well as the sensational 20th century era, without of course neglecting to take a look in her dark ages. From: 260 €

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Athos Mountain Monasteries Tours

Athos Mountain Monasteries Tours

At the the south-east end of Macedonia, in Chalkidiki, lies the Athos peninsula, a place exclusively dedicated to orthodox christianity and monastic life. Twenty monasteries, inhabited by approximately 2.000 monks, live the same ascetic way of living as their predecessors did since the 8th century AD.

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The Macedonian Royal Roads Tour

Tour from Thessaloniki to Macedonian Roads

Starting our tour from Thessaloniki ( or any other location ), you are invited to follow the precise steps of the ancient macedonian kings.
Whoever wants to feel the macedonian culture and terrain has to visit these magnificent archeologiacal and natural sites. From: 460 €

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Vergina – Dion – Olympos

Whoever wants to feel the Macedonian culture and terain has to visit these magnificent archeologiacal and natural sites.

Vergina, a contemporary city, built near the ancient capital of Macedonia “Aiges”, hosts the magnificent findings of the grave of Philip II, king of Macedonia and father of Alexander the Great. Incredible golden artifacts and weaponry are exibited in a dark, imposing atmosphere that surprises most visitors. From 240 €

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