Study On Residue Burial Monument Skeletal

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As has been mentioned in the press release of 19 December 2014, the completion of the study of makroskopikis bone material from the Tomb on the Hill Kasta, which has undertaken multi-disciplinary group of universities, Aristotle and Democritus, would be completed during January 2015.

The Ministry had committed, an oral update, as proven in the related publications, that the communication of the results of the study would have a deadline of 20 January 2015.

The skeletal remains of the funerary monument, from the Hill Kasta Amphipolis correspond to 550 about bones, crushed and intact, a skull in pretty good condition, missing bones, that make up the face and an almost intact jawbone. No teeth, Apart from a second right progomfioy root teridonismeni, which was located in the mandible and displays advanced akrorriziko abscess.